10 ideas for taking care ecologically of your clothes!

At Message Factory like OÖM Éthikwear, we favor timeless designs that will still be trendy over time. This way, our high-quality product can last for several years.

To do this, we encourage you to wash your clothes gently, as little as possible. Unless you have to run a marathon or climb Everest, your garment can be worn several times before being washed! This way, your clothes will last longer, and you will minimize your impact on the environment.


10 rules to remember for taking care ecologically of your clothes! 

1. First, wear more often before washing! 

For example, wearing jeans 10 times rather than 2.3 times reduces water consumption by 77%.

2. Use a green laundry detergent 

Conventional detergents may contain ingredients that are not good for you, your clothes, or the aquatic ecosystems where the sewer system water can end up. Fabric softeners can be replaced with a cup of white vinegar added to the washer during the rinse cycle. The vinegar naturally balances the pH of the soap, leaving your clothes soft and free of chemical residue.

3. Choose a concentrated, bulk or solid detergent 

Concentrated laundry detergents have reduced packaging and a smaller carbon footprint (because a more useful product can be shipped using less space and less fuel). Plus, they offer more for their money. Even better: adhere to a bulk filling system or make the purchase of soap sheets.

4. Make your own soap 

In addition to the environmental benefits, making your own laundry soap is good for your wallet! See how here 

5. Hand wash 

If you have plain clothes (no prints) and similar colors, handwashing can save you a lot of water. Hand washing will really give you an idea of ​​how much laundry you spend each week, so why not try it out? You may be surprised at your weekly load.

6. Wash in cold water

90% of the energy used to wash clothes goes to heating water, which costs you $ 100 or more each year.

7. Maximize your washer for energy efficiency

First, wash in cold water. Then make sure to wash only full loads of laundry, which ensures that your machine operates at its maximum efficiency. If you are unable to fully reload, the "size selection option" ensures that small loads use less water. By the way, the same rule applies to the dryer.

8. Hang or dry flat

Because dryers consume so much energy, skipping it completely makes a real difference. Bonus? Clothes wear faster when using a dryer. Do you really need it? Use drying balls to speed up the process.


9. Do not iron

Ironing is not only a tedious chore, but it also consumes energy and can damage the fabric.

10. Forget about dry cleaning

Conventional dry cleaning is definitely not ecological; most companies use perchloroethylene (also called "perc"), a chemical which research has shown can be harmful to our health.




Source: Treehugger

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